Jennifer Ballen (JB)

Somewhat paradoxically, The Sustainable Investor was born while working on Wall Street, triggered by a long-time fascination of behavioral economics and a burgeoning (at the time) field now widely known as impact investing. The early followers will likely remember TSI business cards with a provocative tagline: writing to you from the bowels of Wall Street. Subsequent to my time on Wall Street, I had the great privilege of attending MIT Sloan School of Management, where The Sustainable Investor’s content only benefited from the brilliant minds and ideas I was exposed to. I am fortunate to have found my passion in the power of business to alleviate environmental and social defiicencies - and like all great passions should be, I wish to share it. I am beyond excited to share that after four years and many, many hours of blog content research, The Sustainable Investor is blossoming into its next life phase: a dual blog and ecommerce platform for sustainable shopping.

Why sustainable shopping, you ask? Today, there is no single platform for everyday ideas and products geared towards making better choces for a better tomorrow.

That place is now here - the taste without the waste.


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