Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a world in which every individual is empowered and educated to make positive environmental and social impact through the choices they make.

We believe the aggregation of individual action yields tremendous power. We also believe that making a positive impact can be simple, convenient and cost-effective.

Our mission is to empower and make it extraordinarily simple for every individual to buy responsibly and live a more sustainable lifestyle. We are simplifying the complex world of sustainability through our one-stop-shop for ideas, products, and services geared towards making better choices for a better tomorrow. Guilt free shopping begins here - the taste without the waste.

Our History

The Sustainable Investor was founded in 2014 as a non-commerical blog aspiring to deliver ideas to inspire individuals, corporations and governments to take positive action towards the current climate crisis. The content on today’s blog reflects five years of thinking.

The Sustainable Investor 2.0, today’s version, originated from the theory of change that consumers want to do their part for their planet, but that the world of sustainabiity has “just become too complex” and consumers do not wish to trade-off cost, time or quality. We believe there need not be a trade-off. For this reason, we are working diligently to recommend the most amazing sustainable products - enabling our consumers to live their same great lifestyles, just a little bit more responsibly.