Easy Green Cleaning

Easy Green Cleaning

  • Contains some of the easiest, safest, and most effective recipes and practices when it comes to cleaning your home. More is not always better in terms of how many recipes a green cleaning book provides. You do not need to make a separate product for each thing you clean in your home, it is far better and easier to make a few products that clean everything.

  • Shows you, step by step, the easiest and most cost effective way to get started green cleaning your home while also showing you how to green clean pretty much everything in your home.

  • Combines everything you need to know about green cleaning and is set up for quick visual reference including pictures of all the tools, ingredients, and recipes mentioned in the book.

  • Explains the safe use and cautions when using green cleaning ingredients like which ingredients need to be avoided on which surfaces. It also discusses the safe use of essential oils around pets and young kids.

  • References cited research on the proven dangers of toxic cleaners both to ourselves and the environment and discusses just how these products made it into our homes in the first place.

  • Gives you the reasons why it is important to green clean your home, but also the top reasons people don’t and how to overcome them.

  • Goes above and beyond only showing you how to green clean your home, but also how to keep your pets clean, your children’s toys clean, your produce clean, your car clean, your air clean, and additional steps you can take to have a positive impact and influence change in the world!

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Easy Green Cleaning