How is TSI unique?

We are dedicated to empowering every individual to make better choices for a better tomorrow. We do this by providing research, simplified sustainable shopping and a place to openly discuss important environmental and social topics.

The Blog - monthly blog posts written by sustainable business professionals about big picture sustainability topics, such as company-case studies, impact invesitng, academic theory, clean energy and more. The TSI blog was founded in 2014 with the mission of educating and inspiring individual, corporation and government action.

The Marketplace: Overwhelmed by too many choices? Introducing the taste without the waste. TSI Marketplace takes all of the work out of sustainable shopping. We research, test and rank all products so that we can provide a single recommendation for each product category. See below for more info on the ranking scale.

The Discussion: Discuss. Debate. Learn. Meet like-minded people.

How does the ranking scale work?

The Sustainable Investor Marketplace (TSIM) ranks products on a simple 5-point scale which considers the following three equal-weighted factors:

  1. The environmental and social practices of the company delivering the product or service.

  2. The beginning of life: the energy and packaging materials required to make the product or deliver the service.

  3. The end of life: ease of reusability or recyclability

  4. Value: cost of the product relative to value for consumer and value for society

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Why isn’t the blog content related to the products sold in the Marketplace?

The Sustainable Investor Blog, founded years before the Marketplace in 2014, is a consideration of big picture events in the world of sustainability. The Blog originated from the theory of change that profitabilty and impact need not be mutually exclusive and its intent is to inspire large-scale action among corporations and governments.

The Marketplace, founded in 2019, is a tribute to the power of individual action and a response to consumer demand to live a more responsible life by choosing products and services that engender positive impact. The marketplace’s foundation is based on the premise that the power of individual action is tremendous and it’s intent is to help make purchase decisions easy for those who wish to make an impact evey day.

Some come to us for the blog content, some come to shop and some come for both. We love all visitors!

What is your shipping policy?

The Sustainble Investor Marketplace is in pilot phase to learn more about demand for our products. We are collecting real time user-feedback to rapidy iterate and evolve to give our consumers the best possible experience and products. In our pilot phase, we are shipping the majority of products through Amazon’s network. However, our goal is to disrupt Amazon and package and ship all products ourselves so that we may ensure a lower carbon footprint from transportation and shipping.

Any other questions?

Please let us know at thesustainableinvestor@gmail.com!