We’re coming soon!

We are currently conducting an enormous amount of research on incredible products and services which we are very excited to share with you! We are working very hard to bring our Marketplace to life as soon as possible.

 How It Works - The TSI Marketplace

TSI Marketplace provides recommendations and rankings for a variety of sustainable products and services. Something missing from the marketplace? Please let us know at thesustainableinvestor@gmail.com!

The TSIM Sustainability Scale: All of our products are tested and ranked on the TSIM sustainability scale. While our scale is based on a tremendous amount of research, please note it is our subjective, yet informed assesment of the products we are recommending.

The TSIM scale is an equal-weighted five-factor consideration of the following:

  1. Company ethics and pratices: the environmental and social initiaitves the company itself pursues

  2. Beginning of life: the energy required and materials chosen to make the product

  3. End of life: the reusability and/or recyclability, e.g. how long does the product last?

  4. Financial/utilitarian value: a pure cost-to-value assessment of the product - we love bargains!

  5. Value to Society: by using this product versus an alternative, how much societal impact are you engendering?